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Covid-19: Service Update

Due to the latest information and advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will aim to continue to provide our services. If you submit a right to buy application or already have one in process, you may experience some delays in completing assessments on your application so please bear with us.

We currently cannot process existing applications that require a valuation due to our valuers unable to visit properties. This will be the case whilst social distancing and self-isolation measures remain in force in line with Government advice.  We will provide you with regular updates about the impact on our services. Applications that have been valued and/or have received an offer of sale can proceed as normal, although we will temporarily suspend any completion deadlines.  Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. 

For any questions or queries, please contact:

Service Charge & Leasehold Team 
t: 0300 111 1133


Tenants of Chorley Community Housing who were tenants of Chorley Borough Council at the time of the Large Scale Voluntary Stock Transfer to Chorley Community Housing on 26th March 2007 have the Preserved Right to Buy.

The Preserved Right to Buy allows these tenants to purchase their current home at a discounted rate.

It should be noted that some of the properties, mainly sheltered accommodation, transferred under the Large Scale Voluntary Stock Transfer to Chorley Community Housing are excluded from the Preserved Right to Buy Scheme.

Maximum discount

The Preserved Right to Buy entitles those eligible Chorley Community Housing tenants to a discount on the purchase price of their home based on the number of years they have spent as a Council or Housing Association tenant.

The purchase price is determined by an open market valuation less the discount which the tenant is entitled to. The maximum discount is capped at £77,000 and the discount is awarded on a sliding scale set out below which varies dependent upon the property type.

Qualifying Period in Years Discount for Houses Discount for Flats
5 years 35% 50%
10 years 40% 60%
15 years 45% 70%
20 years 50% 70%
25 years 55% 70%
30 years 60% 70%
35 years 65% 70%
40 years 70% 70%
Over 40 years 70% 70%


Cost floor rules

When calculating the purchase price and the amount of discount Chorley Community Housing will take into account the money that has been spent on buying, building, repairing and improving the property in the past 15 years.

How to apply

If you enquire about the Right to Buy Scheme Jigsaw Homes will initially check that you meet the qualifying criteria. Provided that is the case, Jigsaw Homes will then invite you to make an application for the Right to Buy.


Selling your home after you have purchased it

If you purchase your home under the Preserved Right to Buy Scheme and subsequently re-sell it within 5 years of doing so then you will be required to pay back all or part of the discount that you received.

There are a number of factors, such as property value and the length of time since the property was purchased that may influence the amount that you are asked to repay but the general principles are

Time after purchase when property sold Amount of discount repayable
Within 1 year 100%
Within 2 years 80%
Within 3years 60%
Within 4 years 40%
Within 5 years 20%

Furthermore if you sell within the initial 5 year period and the sale price, disregarding any improvements you have, is higher than the original open market valuation you will also be asked to repay a proportion of the discount which will be reflective of the increased value of your home.

After 5 years of ownership, no discount is repayable under the Right to Buy Scheme.

Further information

For more detail about the Right to Buy please visit the government’s website – https://righttobuy.gov.uk/


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