Reporting repairs

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How to report a repair

We aim to provide a good quality, efficient repairs and maintenance service to all of our customers.
If you need a repair to your home, you can report this to us in a number of ways:
You can:
Click here to log a repair online
• Call our Connect team on 0300 111 1133

The team are available to take calls Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm

For emergency repairs outside these hours please use the number above.

You can also report non-urgent repairs to us by contacting us through our Facebook page or on Twitter.

If you smell gas, please call the National Gas Emergency Service on Freephone 0800 111 999.

Repair priorities

We set time limits for carrying out reported repairs; these are called repair priorities and are set out in the table below:

  Job Priority       Response Time
Category A Emergency: up to 24 hours
Category B Urgent: up to 3 working days
Category C Routine: up to 15 working days
Category D Non Routine: up to 30 working days

Emergency repairs:

Emergency repairs are defined when there is an immediate danger to the health, safety and/or security of a tenant/occupant, or where there is an immediate danger of serious damage to the buildings structure.


In the majority of cases emergency repairs will be attended to the same day or within 24 hours, 365 days a year.


In some instances only a temporary repair will be carried out to make a situation safe and secure. Once this has been done, arrangements will be made with the tenant to complete the full repair within an appropriate timescale.

Examples of possible emergencies are:

  • Complete power failure throughout property or communal area
  • Burst water pipes causing internal flooding
  • Blocked toilets where sewage is overflowing into the property
  • Complete failure of central heating and hot water system (during the winter months)
  • Immediate dangerous or insecure structures
  • Insecure external doors and windows
  • Glazing that has been smashed through (not cracked)
  • Insecure empty properties
  • Lost keys leaving tenant unable to enter property (rechargeable to tenant)
  • Instances of property fire
  • Complete failure of warden call system
  • Complete lift failure
  • Carbon Monoxide activation
  • Notification of gas leak
  • Security alarm consistently sounding unable to silence – rechargeable if user error
  • Blocked drains causing sewerage to back up
  • CCTV failure in tower blocks

Please ensure that you know where to turn off your gas, electricity or water supplies in an emergency to prevent or limit any damage.

Urgent repairs:

Urgent repairs are causing a tenant discomfort, inconvenience and nuisance and it is likely to lead to further deterioration if the problem persists. Urgent repairs will be completed within 3 working days of the repair being reported.


Examples of urgent repairs are:

  • W/C not flushing
  • Slow Leaks that are containable
  • Leaking bathroom appliances
  • Leaking roofs
  • Shower system not working
  • Smoke alarms beeping intermittently
  • Partial property electrical failure
  • Faulty door locks, handles and automatic closers
  • Insecure windows above ground level
  • Cracked window panes
  • Fly tipping
  • Acts of vandalism not causing immediate health and safety risk.

Routine repairs:

Routine repairs are faults or defects not causing an immediate discomfort, inconvenience and nuisance to the tenant/occupant and with no risk of long term deterioration of the building.

Routine repairs will be completed within 15 working days of the repair being reported.

Examples of routine repairs are:

  • Minor repairs to internal joinery such as kitchen units and doors, window-frames and catches, floors, floor tiles, skirting boards and banister rails extractor fans
  • Partially blocked and defective gullies
  • Leaking radiators
  • Dripping or leaking taps and showers
  • Repairs to loose tiling and plasterwork
  • Broken or fallen down fencing
  • Loose and/or uneven pathways.

Non routine repairs:

Non-routine repairs are deemed when a repair does not fall within any other above categories and are not part of an improvement programme.  Non-routine repairs will be completed within 30 working days of the repair being reported.

Examples of non routine repairs are:

  • External repairs to paths, boundary fences and boundary walls
  • Clearing gutters and downspouts
  • Plasterwork above 5m2
  • Repointing of flagging and brickwork
  • Repairs to driveways.
Repair responsibilities

The responsibility to make sure your home is maintained in a good state of repair lies with both you as tenant, and us as your landlord. Your main responsibility is to report repairs quickly to avoid further problems arising.

However, there are a number of ‘responsive’ repairs which are the tenants responsibility. These are outlined in your tenancy agreement.

Please contact us if you have any queries about this.

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