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Your new neighbourhood plans

Our new neighbourhood plans take on board feedback from employees, residents and partners who work in your community and take into consideration a number of performance indicators such as satisfaction levels.

This information helps us to identify the main challenges in your neighbourhood and how we can work with our partners to make improvements.

As a result of the findings, we will target resources to areas in need through a range of activities to make you feel happier with your neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood plans will be in place for three years.

All our neighbourhoods have now been re-mapped based on property location and density.  As a result of this re-mapping, a small number of properties no longer fit into a ‘neighbourhood plan’ but residents will continue to benefit from our excellent customer service offer and our landlord commitments. A generic ‘neighbourhood commitment’ has been created for these areas.

We will monitor performance regularly against a range of indicators including resident satisfaction to drive forward priorities for each neighbourhood.

Adlington Neighbourhood Plan
Chorley Neighbourhood Plans
Coppull Neighbourhood Plan
Generic Neighbourhood Commitment
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