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Chorley Community Housing News

July 29th, 2011

the year in review: Understanding the diverse needs of tenants

We will be publishing our annual report for tenants later in the year. This is the seventh of a series of articles about developments in the year just finished. We would like your feedback to help prepare our annual report.

The Adactus mission is to achieve QED in everything we do. D stands for diversity. Promoting diversity is a daily reality with our tenants coming from a wide range of backgrounds, with different circumstances and varying needs.

We know it’s one thing to say we believe in diversity, it’s another to prove we are doing what we can to promote it. This is what our ‘equality impact assessment’ process is designed to do. We carried out a major assessment in 2010 of connect [>>Click here]
as it is now the ‘hub’ of our service.

We looked at thousands of records of contacts with tenants before and after connect was introduced and compared each to the information we hold on all tenants. We wanted to know if some groups of tenants are less likely to contact us through connect. The results were very encouraging. In terms of disability, age and ethnicity, connect does not seem to be disadvantaging any groups of tenants. However, we have recognised that the phone system can be difficult for tenants with hearing difficulties to use and so have written to all tenants in that situation advising them of alternative ways to contact us.

We will repeat this assessment annually as we want to make sure that our services, accessed through connect, are available to all tenants, whatever their background, circumstances or need. Do you find our services easy to access? Do you have suggestions for making connect easier to use?

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