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Chorley Community Housing News

November 9th, 2011

Tackling Anti Social Behaviour – Survey Results

The Respect Standard is an Anti Social Behavior (ASB) Charter for housing. It was introduced by the government in 2006. The Respect Standard played an important role in improving performance in both preventing and effectively tackling anti-social behavior.

Social landlords (e.g. Housing Associations or Councils) sign up to the standard voluntarily. Once signed up, they commit to using the standard as a way of assessing and improving services that deal with anti social behavior.

Adactus have been signed up to the Respect standard since 2008, but it has now been re-launched and as a result we are taking a look at whether we meet the standards outlined in the Charter.

We asked Adactus500 members for their views on whether they felt we were meeting our commitments and their suggestions on things we could do to improve our service in this area.

What we learned from the results:

– Around three quarters of members who responded had experienced Anti-Social Behaviour in their area and had reported the problem to Adactus.
– Seven in ten felt we communicated to tenants that ASB would not be tolerated and publicized what we were doing to tackle the problem in our communities.
– Around six in ten felt staff were aware of the tools and powers available to them to tackle ASB. Two fifths were unsure about whether staff agreed action plans with the complainant and kept them regularly informed of any progress. They were also unsure about whether staff encouraged self help options to resolve the more minor nuisance issues (i.e. encouraging complainants to talk to the person causing the problem to resolve the issues amicably without our involvement).
– There was a suggestion that some tenants were hesitant about reporting problems for fear of any repercussions and that perhaps encouraging more community spirit/introducing new tenants to their long-standing neighbours when a property is first let may help.

For a full copy of the results please click on the pdf below.

What we will do with the results:

Over the last year we have set up two specialist ASB teams – one in Manchester and the other based in Chorley. These survey results will help guide the development of these teams and we think we are already making good progress with more knowledgeable officers available to respond to ASB complaints and a consistent way of working that ensures action plans are agreed with complainants for all cases. We will continue to communicate successful outcomes, which we believe is the best way of giving confidence to others to come forward with their complaints of neighbour nuisance. We will repeat this survey in a year’s time to measure how far we have developed.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the survey.

We are really interested in your views on this, so please leave us a comment below.

2 Responses to Tackling Anti Social Behaviour – Survey Results

  1. adactus admin says:

    Thank you for your feedback. We’ve identified the case referred to in your comment and will re-start our investigations through discussions with the police and local residents. We’re sorry that our work didn’t meet your expectations or resolve the issues that you’re experiencing.

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  2. Decline to give says:

    Despite being informed on several occasions regarding the drug dealing taking place in my neighbourhood in Chorley, you haven’t done anything to address this, even though you promised to send concerned residents diary sheets in order to log activity and keep in contact for a weekly update on the situation.Absolutely nothing has materialised despite this being a small residential area with 30+ young children divided by 12 houses.

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