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May 23rd, 2011

Adactus Jobs Joy for Apprentices

AHA apprentices: Ben Evans

Three new jobs giving people a start in the building industry have been announced by Adactus Housing Association. Adactus is looking to recruit apprentices in three trades and is seeking people aged 16 or over from the Leigh area to fill the roles.

Employment & Skills Manager Jayne Allison said:  “We want to recruit three new apprentices – one gas engineer, one plumber and an electrician.  We aren’t looking for qualified tradespersons.  We are seeking anyone aged over 16 who wants to become apprentices and is willing to learn a trade.”

The apprentices will work alongside more experienced staff and be given support to attend college and qualify in their chosen careers.  The job entails carrying out repairs to tenants’ homes in a range of situations.

Director of Operations Richard Houghton said:  “Adactus continues to invest in young people and this latest announcement is further evidence of our commitment to developing our staff.  As an organisation managing over 5,000 properties and carrying out hundreds of repairs to its homes every week, Adactus is a great environment for an apprentice to learn a trade in maintenance.”

For more information about one of these roles or to apply for a role as an apprentice with Adactus, please telephone 01257 244800 or e-mail

The image shows one of Adactus’s existing apprentices, Ben Evans from Standish

One Response to Adactus Jobs Joy for Apprentices

  1. Bill Adams says:

    As a retired Technical Teacher I fully support the apprentice scheme you have set up. Linking the practical training with academic qualifications is a tried and tested format; I wish you every success.
    May the scheme grow to be an example for others to emulate.

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